Michelin StarCross 5 Medium Terrain Rear Tire

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Michelin StarCross 5 Medium Terrain Rear Tire

Experienced motocross rider or occasional rider riding motocross for fun, MICHELIN StarCross 5 is the high performance motocross tyre designed to allow you to face any terrain

Tested and approved by riders from pros to occasional motocross rider

3 years testing on every possible surface and in every possible condition, all over the world, by riders from pros to occasional

Designed to give the ultimate performance

Lighter than the previous range for easier and quicker handling. More flexible casing than the previous range - Improved traction in a straight line and better grip, at higher lean angles in corners - Allows riding with higher inflation pressures (>=1bar and up to 1,2bar) to avoid unseating the tyre off the rim or pinch shocks to tubes without sacrificing grip or comfort - No running-in needed, thanks to the soft casing, MICHELIN StarCross 5 delivers maximum performance from the moment you take off - Easier fitting - The combination of the new casing and aggressive tread pattern offers maximum grip for steering at the front and accelerating at the rear

An offer adapted to each type of terrain, bike and use

Sand, Soft, Medium and Hard offer